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Project completed

Good Morning everyone. I finished a project I started earlier this week and uploaded it. Whew one less WIP. Now on to another.

I hope everyone is having a great day..


Early Morning

Good morning! Well I’m awake early today. Hopefully this will be a productive day. The temp is rising, summer is here…enjoy your day.

Mission accomplished

At last post I was finishing a baby afghan. Well I found an error on the boarder and of course it must come out. While trying not to be frustrated I started and finished a really easy baby sweater to go with the afghan. So now I have to get back to this afghan …

Good Monday Morning

Good Monday morning. Well we are have some heavy rain here. But they say it will stop soon. I’m putting the finishing touches on a baby afghan. Hope I will get a chance to take pictures and start a sweater to match.

I hope all is well with everyone else.


Wow, I haven’t posted in a while and to my surprise I couldn’t get into my blog. So I have just spent the last few minutes trying to figure out what is going on. Okay I figured  it out. They really wanted me to update or change my browser. Duh…

I don’t have any updates, from the last time. I’m still working on a few projects that are giving me a hard time. One of them will be frogged. 

But I do have good news. While going through some boxes I found a load of crochet and quilting books. I have been here for a few years and I just have not had the time or energy to go through these boxes. What a find, I’m glad I wanted to go through these boxes before I gave them away.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Quiet Times

I haven’t posted in a few days. Well I have been stuck on two WIPs. They are both driving me crazy I can’t wait to finish them. Hopefully they will be completed this week. I look forward to taking pictures and showing everyone.

I hope everyone is doing well and not having to many challenges. Have a great day….

How is your day going?

Today should be the last day of painting on the first floor. Woo hoo and it looks great. Upstairs i have been cleaning the craft room for organization. When the first floor is finished I should be able to start the clean up and organization of the craft room. This way it will all begin to make a little sense (yeah right). Thank God for the extra space. I’m forever grateful to have my dreams and aspiration come to a reality.;–)

Through it all I’m still have two WIPs. So I can truly say life is grand.

Have a great day!!! Go out and buy some yarn or something… 

New Project

Okay so today is the big 1st day of renovating the lower part of the house. Even though the work is not being done by me, I have a bit of anxiety. I moved into my home two years ago and have had a few health set backs. But while I have been home, I have had the time to see where things need improvement, both on myself and the house.

I’m hoping that during this time I will have developed a new level of compassion and understanding. I think that all this time at home has given me a new appreciation for me.

Oh well enough of this self observation. Back to crocheting and quilting. I hope every one has a beautiful day. 


Update to my blogging journey

Wow I have been away for a little while, but I have been following my fellow bloggers. I want to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone for your encouragement. Being able to read others posts about creating is pure joy and an inspiration to me. Hopefully all is well and I wish you all a good day.



This is a girl’s afghan I created last year. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

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